Abigail’s guide to impressing on Valentine’s Day!

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November 13, 2017
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Abigail’s guide to impressing on Valentine’s Day!

Hey guys! Abigail here to give you all you need to know when it comes to making that Valentine’s Day super special for your girl…and for you too ;). It can be a hard one to get just right when it comes to the gifts, the romance and sexy ideas for the big night. I want all of you boys to get it right with the girlfriends/wives so you can have a million more Valentine’s Day spent together and to make her feel like the queen she is.

Okay sooo obviously we need the necessities here boys- can’t skip out on the chocolate, flowers and you absolutely positively CANNOT forget a card! You know how they say it’s the little things in life? Well, it really is. I have to say that looking back, I remember the things that people have written to me in cards opposed to the actual gifts I have been given on Valentine’s Day.

So for the guys that are going to gifting route, you’re talking to the right girl here. Let’s get one thing straight, your girl is lying if she says she doesn’t like clothes and being comfy. So add clothes and comfy together and what do we get? Leggings! If I’m not in lingerie for my shoots, you’ll catch me running around in stylish leggings. My personal favorite are these new black laced heart print Nirvana Collection leggings from www.thenirvanacollection.com. They’re super flirty and sexy and the heart shaped makes the booty look bomb! She’ll love how they look and feel on her and you’ll be sure to get an amazing view too.

Think it couldn’t get any hotter? Think again boys. One of my most loved brands I work with called Honey Birdette has two games called “Truth or Dare” and “I Have Never Ever” and either of them will be sure to turn the temp all the way up in the bedroom. They also have some other interesting accessories that will be sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day night. You can get all of these steamy gifts at http://us.honeybirdette.com/collections/accessories.

Wanna keep the heat going past February 14th? Let’s be creative here and think outside of the box of chocolates and think about future festivities you’ll wanna do with your boo….like maybe a vacay! Obviously planning a romantic get away takes a lot of time and a lot of $$, so instead of actually trying to curate some big vacation on your own without her help- start out with this instead. Everyone needs luggage right?! Also the idea of giving luggage for a valentine’s day gift?! Genius! I’m loving this Full High Loader Series 3 Piece Luggage Set from www.ful.com. This is definitely a different kind of gift for this holiday but it’s extremely thoughtful and is something she can use time and time again.

Obviously if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your girl, chances are you know what she likes and doesn’t like. This day is really about her and what you two share, so really look into what is going to make her the happiest and what’s ultimately going to be the most memorable and amazing night you two could ask for. Whether you’re planning on a cute night in with a home cooked meal and a sweet card accompanied by some 50 shades of Gray type action or going more for a dressy night out on the town with presents and all the works, make sure of one thing- that it’s a surprise! Keeping your plans all under wraps until the day of will keep things fun and mysterious for you and your girl and will keep her begging for more. So boys- before I go, let’s get this straight. Grab some flowers, chocolate and of course a card, one of these gifts and a well planned out night and bam- you’ve got yourself a sexy that you’ll remember and one she’ll be sure to never forget.

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